The Chemicals & Plastics sector, a traditional stronghold of the group, faced severe challenges in the past decade, constrained by poor national infrastructure and a non-supportive regulatory framework. The Group is now restructuring its operations to facilitate the emergence of a globally competitive conglomerate.

The Group is a significant player in South Asia in the research, marketing, sale and manufacture of pharmaceuticals, APIs and biotechnology products in several therapeutic groups with global exports and highly successful long-term international collaborations with leading global majors. The Group expects significant growth in the future from the strengthening Indian economy, entry into new therapeutic groups and geographies, an increasing pipeline of research products, and the Group’s global cost competitiveness in manufacturing and research and development for the pharmaceutical, bulk drugs and biotechnology industries.

The group controls the only nationwide provider in India of comprehensive third party logistics(3PL) solutions including distribution, collections, information flow, marketing, manufacturing and R&D for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and FMCG sectors. The Group expects significant gains from consolidation in the industry and the growth of the Indian consumer market.

Leveraging its operating strengths and in-depth knowledge of a number of related sectors, the group intends to shortly enter the emerging and fast growing retail industry in a number of emerging markets, particularly India. The Group has identified a number of key sub-sectors it wishes to take market leadership in and is aggressively mobilizing requisite resources.

The Group controls one of the largest portfolios of real estate assets in South Asia including various categories of commercial, residential, industrial and infrastructure properties. Future plans include the further expansion and optimization of our portfolio, especially the development of integrated townships and continued international acquisitions and developments.

The Group has a highly entrepreneurial and innovation culture which prides itself in its execution abilities, global perspective, the cultivation of intellectual assets (including human resources and brands), long term relationships and the ability to work aggressively in cross-border activities.