The Group is involved in the sale and comprehensive services of luxury automobiles in Europe with a flagship distribution of BMW AG.

The Group has identified a strong opportunity in the development of comprehensive verticalized enterprise applications for the small and medium business sector in emerging markets and developing economies, and has launched a venture to capitalize on the same. The focus has been on developing globally benchmarked product life cycle competencies organization-wide and the perusal of highly innovative market penetration strategies. The Group is also pursuing niche IT outsourcing and co-development opportunities particularly in Medical Informatics and the Education sector.

Group concerns in the past have participated in a number of acquisitions including leveraged buy-outs, risk capital financing, build ups and offered a variety of financing and leasing facilities to customers and suppliers. Given inherent strengths, the group is now consolidating these operations to focus on merchant banking, alternative asset classes, funds management, insurance, industrial leasing and consumer finance.

With liberalization of the publishing sector in India, the Group has been engaging a number of niche markets for publications and journals where it can achieve significant market share particularly by focusing on high quality content. The Group is hopeful of the venture as an entry into the fast growing media industry domestically as well as internationally.